Lighting Up a Small Space, Making a Big Difference

October 27, 2016

Lighting Up a Small Space, Making a Big Difference

On a recent trip to Kenya, part of our Glenergy team visited various villages and learnt about their community initiatives. The team met with Benard Omondi (Ben), and this is his story:

Ben and his wife own and run a two-room schoolhouse for local children from the Bumala area. On the school property, they also operate a chicken coop where the students learn how to care for chicks and the importance of the animals for food such as eggs. Each child is offered nine hens and one rooster (when quantities permit) to bring home to their families so that they can build and maintain their own chicken coop. Fresh eggs from the coop are also sent home with the students for their families.

While visiting, the team noticed a challenge with the chicken coop - there weren't any overhead lights or lights, in general, making it very dark at times. Upon consideration, we determined that Ben's initiative was worthy of help from the Gift of Light program and thus he received two small home solar lighting systems. Ben followed up with us:

"We had been using kerosene lamps before and spending Kshs. 400 per week which translates to Kshs. 1,600 - 2,400 per month. This saving is able to buy a 70 Kgs bag of chicken feed which can feed 20 chicks for a month."

The impact the Gift of Light has made to Ben and his initiative is substantial, and we thank you for your support and contributions to this program.