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  • The The GoSun Grill uses adjustable parabolic reflectors that can be be rotated towards the sun while a vacuum tube collects and converts that sunlight into usable energy in the form of heat. Easy, fast and delicious, this fuel-free cooker can bake, boil or fry a meal for eight people, (4x more food than the speedier GoSun Sport) using only the Sun.

    Cooking while camping, boating, hiking — fuel-free alternative
    Simple to use, cool to touch and large enough to feed eight, the Grill was designed with the family in mind.

    Watch the Quick Start Guide HERE 
    1. Colour: Silver
    2. Dry Weight: Grill: 30 lbs (13.6kg)
    3. Total Oven Volume: 246oz (7.3L)
    4. Cooking Pans: Stainless Steel, Qty. 2 Pans, Total Volume 108oz (3.2L), Each
    5. Pan Dimensions: 9.8" (25cm) length, 4.5"(11.4cm) width, 3" (7.6cm) height
    6. Oven Opening Diameter (ID): 5.3” (13.5cm)
    7. Closed Grill Dimensions: 25” (64cm) length, 12.6” (32cm) height , 11” (28cm) width
    8. Open Grill Dimensions: 25” (64cm) length, 12.6” (32cm) height, 18.5” (47cm) width
    9. Estimated Power Output: 250 Watts in full sunlight
    10. Maximum Temperature: 450°F(232°C)
    11. Working Temperature: 250°F (121°C) - 425°F (218°C)
  • GoSun 2 Years

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