Labcraft LED Rota-Ball


The Labcraft LED Rota-Ball is a low-voltage LED light that is part of Labcraft's Track & Socket system - one of the most adaptable LED lighting systems around! The system gives a choice of track and socket mounting for Labcraft's Rota-Ball and Flexi-Ball LED lights.

The Power-Track is supplied complete with a power feed connector for ease of installation and the Power-Socket simply requires wire connection, so a combination of both can easily be installed in any application. The LED Track & Socket System can be fitted in a variety of areas giving illumination for task lighting and general lighting, both with a decorative edge. The 1W Power LED lights are easily attached to both the Power-Track and the Power-Socket by a simple twist action enabling them to be interchanged and also move to different positions along the track. The Power-Socket allows for a single LED light of your choice to be installed. The Power-Track allows for as many or as few LED lights to be installed at any time giving ultimate flexibility.

Please note that this item listing is for the Rota-Ball ONLY. Power Sockets, Power-Tracks and Flexi-Balls are sold separately. 

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Vendor: Labcraft

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