Gift of Lighting System


Solar-powered home lighting systems are an affordable, safe and sustainable solution to lighting in remote locations.  These systems include three LED lights and can charge mobile phones.

How it Works: 

1. You order one or more solar home systems for $100 each.

2. You choose whether your lighting system should be donated to an individual (selected by Glenergy) or loaned by Glenergy as consigned inventory to an entrepreneur.

3. You receive a gift card that explains the impact of sustainable lighting and announces that a complete solar home lighting system has been given in your loved one’s name.

4. A Glenergy solar entrepreneur or individual in East Africa receives a solar lighting system. 

5. The system can light a home or small shop and an income can be generated by charging mobile phones.  The benefits start immediately!

Glenergy solar entrepreneurs sell solar-powered LED lights on microcredit within their communities in Africa: families pay at the same rate that they had been paying for kerosene. In less than one year, villagers have paid for their solar lanterns and panels, the solar entrepreneurs have earned commissions on their sales, and the initial capital has been reinvested in new inventory. Your gift is thereby leveraged many times over, magnifying impact.

This delivery model, based on micro-consignment, creates opportunities for village-level entrepreneurs. Your gift increases access to life-improving modern lighting.

We are currently active in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

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