Glenergy Solar Cooker



    Available in 3 colours of Acrylic. See below for available accessories including reflector extensions, turntable stand, and an optional hybrid-electric cooking tray and DC cord.

    Cook food using the sun! Designed and made in Canada, the Glenergy Solar Cooker concentrates sunlight and captures it as heat inside a glass vacuum tube.  The food goes on a tray that slides into the tube and seals at the end, letting you bake, steam, or fry meals without the use of fuel or electricity.

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    1. Weight: 8.3 kg
    2. Length: 60 cm
    3. Width: 60 cm
    4. Height: 40 cm
    5. Total cooking volume: 4.4 l
    6. Typical cooking volume: 1.5 l
    7. Solar aperture: .288 sq m
  • Glenergy 2 year warranty

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Vendor: Glenergy

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