Glenergy Ambassador Program Membership


Want to earn easy cash by sharing the solar cooking revolution?

The Glenergy Ambassador Program is a fun and easy way to earn a 15% commission from referral sales, requiring no commitment or additional work beyond having fun in the Sun. 

The program is simple. First, purchase a membership to the Ambassador Program for $25. In turn, you will receive 25 business cards that are filled in with a promo-code specific to you. Next, get the code out there with public demos and spreading the word digitally. Whenever someone buys using your promo code, they save 15% off their first order and you earn 15% of the order price!  Each person you give the code to can use it once.  You can also use your code once.

To participate, please provide a valid email address linked to a PayPal account. This is extremely important for making payments correctly, as money sent to a non-connected address cannot be recovered. Commission payments will be deposited quarterly via the PayPal account provided. Please allow up to 7 business days for your custom promo code to be generated. Terms of promotional saving and commission payments may be subject to future modification. Ambassadors will be notified prior to any such changes. 

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