GoSun Grill Turbo Kit (Pre-Order)


The GoSun Grill Turbo Kit is an upgrade to the GoSun Grill that can increase the solar cooker's performance as much as 40%. 

The Kit Includes

Extended Arm Latches: Increase your reflectors' wingspan (and total solar power) by swapping the stock Arm Latches with newer, longer latches. 

Heat Bank Removal Kit: Reduce your thermal load by removing the Grill's aluminum Heat Bank Insert. Once removed, you're no longer pre-heating the Heat Bank first, allowing for faster cooking times and higher temperatures. Simply remove the block and replace it with a small metal brace and tray clip to hold your tray. 

Improved Cap Seal: With this new combo, you are welcome to Pre-Heat the GoSun Grill to #6 on the Temperature Gauge (instead of the previous #3). This allows greater heat momentum to build so meals can be prepared in much less time. 

This package includes several parts and requires about 10 minutes, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a pair of needle nose pliers to install. For more info on the steps required to install, take a look at this manual.


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Vendor: GoSun

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