Solar Charge Controllers


Model Description
SCC-30AB Flush Mount Solar Charge Controller, 30 Amp with LCD Display
DC-BTS-A-C Temperature Sensor, 10 feet of wire, For use with SCC-30AB
SMC-10 12V/24V, 10 Amps, with LED Display
SMC-20 12V/24V, 20 Amps, with LED Display
SCC-1208L 12V, 8 Amps, IP65 rating, wide ambient temperature range, compact design
SOLSUM 6.6F 12V/24V, 6 Amps, with LED Display
SOLSUM 8.8F 12V/24V, 8 Amps, with LED Display
PRS-1010 Solarix PRS Series, 12V/24V, 10 Amps
PRS-1515 Solarix PRS Series, 12V/24V, 15 Amps
PRS-3030 Solarix PRS Series, 12V/24V, 30 Amps
PR-1010 12V/24V, 10 Amps, with LCD Display
PR-1515 12V/24V, 15 Amps, with LCD Display
PR-2020 12V/24V, 20 amps, with LCD Display
PR-3030 12V/24V, 30 Amps, with LCD Display
MPPT-2010 12V/24V, 10 Amps

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Vendor: Samlex

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