Solar Portable Notebook Powerbank


  • This Portable Power Bank is an easy to use, highly efficient, rechargeable portable power bank. With its super-thin and lightweight feel, it comes equipped with a DC output terminal with four voltage levels converted through a switchboard. As well, a standard USB output terminal is included for charging a wide array of cell phones, music devices, digital cameras, camcorders, and tablets. Also included is a universal output cable with interchangeable tips, enabling it to charge nearly every laptop on the market. Available alone or with a 10W or 20W solar panel. 

    Uses: Laptops (all brands), cell phones, cameras, tablets

    1. Colour: Black
    2. Charging Time: 5.5 Hours in full sun
    3. 16V DC Input Voltage
    4. 1-2000mA Input Current
    5. 10W or 20W Solar Panel
    6. DC Output Terminal
    7. USB Output Terminal
  • Glenergy 2-Year Warranty

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Vendor: Glenergy

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