Small Home Lighting System 32


  • Compact and reliable small home solar lighting system. Perfect for lighting remote areas such as cabins, cottages, RVs, trailers, and sheds. Charging capabilities of phones, tablets, GPS etc via USB port. Comes with a series of different charging cords. 

    Uses: Trailers, RVs, cottages, campgrounds, sheds, garages, dining tents

    1. Colour: Black & Red
    2. Two 0.9W Cool White LED Bulbs
    3. 2 Foldable Solar Panels 1.7W each - 3.4W total 
    4. 6V 4500mAh Lead Acid Battery
    5. 5V USB Output
    6. Separate Light Switches for each Bulb
  • Glenergy 2-Year Warranty

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Vendor: Glenergy

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