Project Profile: Maama Watali

October 03, 2012

Maama Watali's New Library 

Location: Luwerro, Uganda

Watali meaning 'without', Maama Watali is the incarnation of Ottawa-based Susan. Susan supports orphaned or vulnerable girls in her home village of Luweero, providing them with opportunities and much needed cheer-leading. In coordination with the Rotary Club of Stitsville, Maama Watali's facility is providing another essential service as a community library. The library is lit and powered by a Glenergy solar system, so that reading does not have to stop come nightfall in Luweero. To generate income and empowerment by economic opportunity, the girls of Maama Watali operate a Glenergy solar charging station for mobile phones and sell solar lanterns in their community. 

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Uganda Statistics

GDP per capita - $1300 US

% of population below international poverty line ($1.25 US/day) - 51.5% 

% of population connected to the grid (electricity) - 5% 

Playing ball outside Maama Watali

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