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Hundreds of millions of people cook using solid fuels such as firewood, charcoal, or dung.  Many of the same people burn candles or kerosene for lighting.  Both of these fuel-based solutions are expensive, polluting, and harmful to health. 

Since 2001, Glenergy has been enabling the transition from fuel-based lighting to clean, affordable and safe solar lighting solutions for people enduring energy poverty.   Glenergy has helped over 100,000 families in East Africa and elsewhere change to solar LED lighting.   

Since 2016, Glenergy has partnered with  GoSun Inc. to bring safe, portable, reliable solar cooking to people in Canada.  We are working together towards bringing this technology to people around the world, using local materials and labour for making low-cost cookers in the countries where they will be used. 

We have launched our new Glenergy Solar Cooker  and are working to get some of our cookers to Kenya and Uganda for testing and initial distribution.   Once they are there we will be working local people to manufacture and distribute, using as many local materials as possible.

We need many helpers if we are going to start helping people use the power of the sun to save money and time, and to breathe cleaner air at home.  We need people testing recipes, demonstrating cookers, selling cookers, making them, marketing them, investing in the business, donating to this cause.  Click here to see how you can get involved. 

If you want to be one of the first to get a Glenergy Solar Cooker in Kenya or Uganda, please reach out to one of our partners below. 



Rajesh Ghai
Head of Operations 
+254 752 700 520
Richard Onzima
Head of Operations
+256 772 302 825