GoSun Sport


  • The GoSun Sport Solar Stove uses adjustable parabolic reflectors that can be be rotated towards the sun while a vacuum tube collects and converts that sunlight into usable energy in the form of heat. Simply load the food grade stainless steel tray with your favourite meal and let the sun do the rest. Ideal for cooking while camping, boating, hiking and much more. A popular fuel-free alternative.

    Uses: Cooking while camping, boating, hiking — fuel-free alternative

    Watch the Quick Start Guide HERE 

    1. Colour: Silver 
    2. Dry Weight: 7 lbs
    3. Cooking Temperature: Can reach 500F (260C)
    4. Cooking Time: Approximately 20 minutes in full sun - may vary depending on food type.
    5. Volume: Holds up to 5.5 cups (1.3 L) of food
    6. Aluminum reflectors that fold for portability
    7. Stainless steel cooking tray
    8. Borosilicate insulated glass tube
  • GoSun 2 Years

Vendor: GoSun

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