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  • Introducing the new Sun King TM Radio, the gold standard in affordable battery powered radio and MP3 players. The Sun King™ Radio is a digital music and radio player that provides non-stop entertainment. It comes with an internal memory feature that can save your favourite radio stations and music can be played directly from an SD card. It is a remarkable product that not only provides all day entertainment, but is also a way for students to study via MP3 audio tutoring.
    One sunny day of solar charging gives upto 3 hours of audio output.
    Enables viewing of song number in music mode and radio frequency in FM mode. It also shows remaining battery power.
    It is fitted with a series of digital buttons. Users can select a folder and directly play a specific song number.
    Has a micro SD card slot which supports Mp3 file format.
    Its inbuilt memory feature allows you to play content from where it was left off.
    Enjoy your favourite radio stations at the touch of a button by long pressing the folder button to save upto 9 Channels. The folder button can be used for deleting the saved channels.
    Locate your favorite songs by switching between folders in the Micro SD card.
    Short press the folder button to switch to the next folder. 
  • Battery

    • 650mAh, 5Volt Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery.

    FM Radio

    • 76 MHz - 108 MHz frequency range with an internal antenna storage of up to 9 channels with numeric key input.

    Speaker / Ear Phone

    • Powerful 2.5W in-built speaker, Aux-in 3.5mm ear phone jack with volume adjustment up to level 32

    Charge Indicator

    • While Charging, the low and full battery icon on the display flashes alternately. When finished charging, the display will stop flashing. (If charging at power off status, there will be no display.)
  • Sun King Manufacturer’s Warranty
    2-year warranty.


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