Solar Cooking in Africa -- cooking the right foods the right way

We are in the process of developing a solar cooking prototype to suit the cooking needs of rural African families. 
We need your help to gain insight into the current cooking practices in rural African homes. We hope to reduce wood, charcoal and other fuel uses, while improving health and dramatically reducing costs.
Our solution to this problem is to create a solar cooking unit that offers solutions to these problems and allows African families to cook using the most reliable form of renewable energy - the sun.  The the cost will be about the same as 3-4 months of fuel cost, and every kind of cooking is possible.
Please fill out the following survey (on behalf of yourself and/or someone you know who cooks in a rural environment) so that we can design a unit that is right, and so that you can have an opportunity to participate in testing one of these solar cookers.
If you provide contact information, we will give you updates as this project moves along.