Solar Cooking in Africa

Since 2001, Glenergy International has been committed to enabling the transition from fuel-based lighting to clean, affordable and safe solar lighting solutions. Our new mission is to help enable the transition from fuel-based cooking to clean, affordable and safe solar cooking solutions.
Fire based cooking is a common method used in Africa to cook meals. Research indicates that household air pollution from cooking fires has drastic health consequences. Some impacts include pregnancy complications, and respiratory illnesses such as COPD, and premature death. Solar cookers can alleviate the risk to the health impacts by reducing the amount of household air pollution.
Health impacts are not the only issue caused by wood fuels. Deforestation has been an ongoing problem in Africa due to the increased demand for fire wood for cooking and lighting needs. Deforestation increase the cost of fuel and length of time people travel to retrieve it. Solar cooking saves financial costs while slowing deforestation.
Solar cookers are able to free up many women’s time during the day by making it easier to make meals. Women don't need to travel miles to collect fire wood with solar cooker which makes cooking easy. Meals will be ready in at least an hour and the cooker can be left unsupervised so women have time to focus on education. By using a solar cooker women of this generation and the next will be able to reach new heights by not having to focus on tasks that take away their time in the day.
We are incredibly close to having Glenergy's first vacuum tube solar cooker ready for testing.
We hope to reduce and eliminate reliance on wood, charcoal and other fuels while improving health outcomes and dramatically reducing long term cooking costs.
Our solution to this problem is allow families and businesses to cook using the most reliable form energy - the sun.  Initial costs may be high, but with little upkeep and zero fuel costs, the financial savings will be significant.  The cooker shown below can cook 3 litres of food (4-5 people) in about an hour. 
Please fill out the following survey (on behalf of yourself and/or someone you know who cooks in a rural environment). If your name suggestion is picked, you will win a solar cooker for yourself and your family! Other interested solar cooking enthusiasts may be selected for testing the prototypes.
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