Solar Electric Fencing & Water Pumping

September 20, 2012 1 Comment

Solar energy and pasture management go as well together as pigs and mud. Farm land is rich in natural resources, but often energy is paid off-farm, represented by huge hydro bills. At the same time, farmers are constrained by the availability of power supply and good-quality water to maximize use of remote land. Solar-powered electric fences and water pumping for livestock can be practical and economic solutions.

Conveying water from a source to a remote location with solar is often easier and cheaper than extending the power line. Solar-powered pumping systems can be sized to meet a wide variety of needs. Considerations include how far the water has to be lifted, the distance it has to travel through the delivery pipe (and the size of pipe), the type of pump used, and the amount of water required. The main components of a solar-powered pumping system are a solar panel and pump. Storage is generally required and can be implemented as either stored water or as batteries.  The storage provided (whether batteries or water tank) needs to be large enough to provide water as required for several days without sun.

Similarly, a solar-electric fence is a cost effective and simple way to contain animals where the grid is not readily accessible. The main components are a solar panel, fence charger, grounding system and battery. Sizing these components depends on your location (solar exposure), length of fencing, and energy capacity of the fence, along with those factors affecting the energy delivered by the fencer--brush contact, animal contact, etc.

Glenergy offers many sensible and economic solutions that incorporate renewable energy on the farm. Solar electric fences and water pumps: are easy to install, have low maintenance requirements, and allow animals to be kept away from creek- and river-banks while still having access to drinking water.


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Agricultural Solar System
Agricultural Solar System

December 26, 2012

This is a very well written post about Agricultural Solar. Your writing style is outstanding here and I feel like you touched on a bunch of very important points.

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