Celebrating Investment in NewLight Africa & Heya!

August 31, 2016

Celebrating Investment in NewLight Africa & Heya!

Since 2001, Glenergy International has been committed to enabling the transition from fuel-based lighting to clean, affordable and safe solar lighting solutions. From our three Glenergy hubs in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda we distribute solar-powered LED lanterns, launch village-level entrepreneurs with solar charging micro-businesses, and work with NGOs and philanthropic entrepreneurs on community development projects. We have done solar installations in remote community centres, health clinics, schools, dormitories, small businesses etc.

Modern lighting changes people’s lives. We partner with individuals and organizations worldwide to break the cycle of poverty and dependance on kerosene. So far, Glenergy solar lights are in over 48 countries.

Our overall goal is to provide as many lights to as many people as possible. For this reason, we have chosen to grow our impact with our newly formed alliance with NewLight Africa, trading in Africa as Heya! NewLight Africa has successfully solved two key unmet customer needs: accessibility and affordability. They have not only solved these issues but have also exceeded their projected expectations. Through their last mile distribution method, they have successfully targeted rural Kenyans, most of whom are entirely off-grid and rely on kerosene as a light source. According to the World Health Organization, around 3 billion people rely on inefficient polluting lighting and heating methods that result in over 4.3 million premature deaths annually from household air pollution. In fact, household air pollution is the single most important environmental health risk worldwide. (Household air pollution and health. (2016, February). Retrieved August 30, 2016, from www.who.int)

Heya! has a highly distributed four-tiered sales network that extends to the village level and provides a range of products that expands beyond solar lighting. The foundation of their model is the sale of solar lights as this household transition alone provides enough weekly savings to invest in other products such as efficient cook stoves, cellular devices, small home lighting systems etc. The last mile, consumer microcredit model with representatives from the county level, sub-county level, down to the village/town level allows for successful payment collection and customer retention. This highly social and trust-based model has proven its success in 3 counties in Kenya and will continue to grow. 

We here at Glenergy believe in the Heya! model and value the importance of accessibility and affordability. We continue to distribute solar lights in East Africa but also acknowledge the expertise we can provide to Heya! based on the networks we have established for the last 15 years along with in-market experience. As the largest investor in the first round of investment opportunities, we are excited for the growth of our involvement in Africa. Most importantly, we are honoured to announce the appointment of Glen MacGillivray, CEO and founder of Glenergy, to the Board of Directors of NewLight Africa. 

To learn more about investment opportunities with NewLight Africa, please refer HERE for more information.