Why buy original GoSun products

May 15, 2018

Why buy original GoSun products

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  If so, then there are a number of Chinese companies who really like GoSun.  There are at least a dozen eBay stores selling knock-offs of the GoSun Sport.  Some of these are quite a bit cheaper, and some are actually more expensive.  Here are some reasons to buy the original product, rather than a knock-off: 

  • The warranty is for two years, and supported by a company that treasures its reputation,
  • GoSun operates in the spirit of continuous quality improvement. Every version of every product incorporates Improvements that derive from customer feedback and from in-house testing,
  • GoSunis developing new products all of the time. The initial GoSun Sport model has been augmented by the larger GoSun Grill and by the extremely portable GoSun Go.  The introduction of new models is dependent upon sales and is done in response to market interest in the products,
  • Accessories are steadily being introduced. The most recent addition to the lineup is the GoSun Brew—which allows the heating/boiling of liquids in the GoSun Sport.  This is a huge improvement.  The Chinese models suggest that you can simply add water to their version of the GoSun Sport and heat it, but we have found that such action has a high likelihood of breaking the vacuum tube through differential thermal expansion at the water-air interface, and
  • The knock-off companies have just reverse-engineered the patented GoSun They are stealing technology to make a fast buck.  We think that your money would be better spent buying authentic products from the company founded by the inventor.

If you like the idea of cooking without fuel, whether for environmental reasons, financial reasons, safety reasons or for sustainability and security reasons, then perhaps your needs will best be met by investing in authentic products that are supported by people who love them.

Buy authentic GoSun products in Canada from Glenergy at glenergy.ca.  In the USA buy at gosun.coor find a dealer near you.  Elsewhere, find a dealer in your country at gosun.co.